Career Profile

Blends academic knowledge with practical experience in both web development and algorithm usage and application. Worked in a range of areas that cover open source initiatives, research and consulting, all while keeping updated with the most recent technologies and always seeking to improve and grow as a professional and as a person.


Applications Developer

September 2016 - Present
MDCPartners, Antwerpen, Berchem

Working as a front-end developer using Java related technologies and frameworks. Used technologies include Java SE 8, Gradle, Vaadin, GWT, Javascript.

Developed various international projects so far:

  • Alesia application which displays clinical trials data as advanced Gantt Charts
  • A search tool to allow interested clients to search for doctors who specialize in a specific disease

Junior OutSystems Consultant

December 2015 - June 2016
Glintt, Sintra, Portugal

Worked as a junior consultant using the RAD portuguese platform OutSystems.

Developed various projects, some in-house, national projects and some international projects, namely:

  • Glintt's website for Belgium:
  • Glintt's website for the Netherlands:
  • Prototyped a project for a potential international client company and helped defining the necessary business requisites.

Summer Research Intern

June 2015 - November 2015
INESC-ID, Lisbon, Portugal

Worked on the development of a web application oriented to research work and the DELPHI method for the statistical analysis of information using the MEAN stack.

Worked in a role similar to full-stack engineer, from the scaffolding and data model to the deployement to a EC2 Amazon Web Services instance.

Summer Intern

2012 - 2014
Infosistema, Lisbon, Portugal

Performed activities for several departments and used an early version of the OutSystems RAD Platform.

Wrote User Manuals to be used by some client companies (namely, a bank)

Freelancer Problem Setter & Editorialist

December 2012 - November 2015
Directi - Codechef initiative, Mumbai, India

Wrote algorithmic problem statements, detailed solution explanations and helped new people in competitive programming.

Wrote educational posts regarding some competitive programming topics and algorithms which are being used to teach kids how to program. Some examples are:


Below you can find the description of some of my side-projects related with my working area, most of them available on github:

Zomato Restaurants - Developed a responsive web application that leveraged the Zomato API integrated with AngularJS and GoogleMapsAPI to index restaurants in a new interactive way.
Engineering Mechanics in Coursera - Completed the coursera course for Engineering Mechanics.
Excel Workshop - Gave an advanced Microsoft Excel workshop oriented towards Civil Engineering Applications. Used Visual Basic for Applications to handle macros and events to create dynamic Excel applications.
The Odin Project - Performed some contributions to the open-source initiative The Odin Project that were merged to the main repository, to improve my web development and design skills, all while being able to learn from other people.

Skills & Proficiency


MEAN Stack